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About Prices

Why are your prices so low?

In short, that’s because we have a clear focus on product quality and low prices and a very lean management. We do not focus on paying sales representatives, printing catalogues, appearing at trade fairs or paying for adverts or advisors.

We firmly believe that a straightforward online presence with great quality content and products, as well as very competitive pricing, will generate the most in customer value. These cost savings are passed on to you and this is why we are able to offer our customers the best possible prices. Please recommend us and our products to others if you are satisfied with your purchase.

I want to order a large quantity of items. Do you offer any discounts or copouns for bulk purchase?

Yes. You can contact our customer service team at and then get a coupon code if you’d like to purchase more than 6 items from us. You can use the coupon at checkout to get an additional discount. The more you buy, the more favorable price you get!

About Payment

What payment methods do you accept?

At present, you can only make your purchase by Visa,Western Union,MoneyGram,International Bank Deposit.

How do I know if my payment went through?

You can get an order confirmation Email from us immediately if your payment went through. In the order confirmation mail, you can find the details of your purchase.

About Shipping

What options are available for shipping? How much does it cost to ship my order?

Basically, there are 2 types of shipping services offered by us. We provide the fast shipping promise to all of our customers by adopting standard shipping service (Express Mail Service). For any customer who has an urgent need, please contact us first and then we can use expedited shipping option like DHL and Ups to deliver the order. Customer need to bear the extra cost generated on that.

When will my order ship? How long it will take to get my order?

We’ll organize the delivery within 24 hours once we confirm your payment. Usually, it takes about 6 – 7 days for you to get your order by standard shipping service. 4 days for you to get your order by using the expedited shipping.

Can I get the tracking info for my order?

You can receive the tracking info via Email 3 or 4 days later since the time you place your order. If not, please contact our customer service team to get your tracking information.

About Return

How can I get a refund or exchange?

Merchandise may be returned for a refund or exchange within 7 days since the time you get your order. Please contact our service team first and provide the reason why you need a refund or exchange. For more, please read our Shipping & Return policy.

Privacy and Safety

Learn more at our Privacy section.