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News; Marcus Jordan's Disney Springs store launching with limited-edition Air Jordan shoes

Published: Wednesday 15 June, 2016

Marcus Jordan's Disney Springs store launching with limited-edition Air Jordan shoes

Marcus Jordan's Disney Springs athletic boutique Trophy Room will launch next Monday selling a new edition of Air Jordan shoes.

Marcus Jordan, son of basketball legend Michael Jordan and a former UCF basketball player, is selling a special edition of Air Jordan XX3 shoes with a "colorway never before produced" to mark the opening of his new store.

But getting the shoes won't be easy, even for those willing to pay the $275 price tag. Hopeful buyers need to show up a day early,cheap nike air jordan at 7 a.m. Sunday, in the Strawberry parking lot to get a wristband. The shoes will go on sale at 5:23 a.m. Monday.

Trophy Room, which the company says is inspired by the trophy room at the Jordan estate, is one of 40-plus new stores opening as part of the Disney Springs Town Center project, which opened Sunday.

The store is also expected to carry more Air Jordan shoes, including retro styles, along with apparel and other "exclusive merchandise" according to a statement from the store.

Of course sneakers are serious business to collectors. In 2012 a woman was arrested outside of a Foot Locker store at Florida Mall after hundreds of collectors showed up to buy, what they believed, were a limited-edition pair of Nike Galaxy Foamposite shoes.

Air Jordan shoes are some of the most sought after in the shoe collecting world,asics trainers sale especially since the Nike subsidiary makes dozens of color combinations for each release.

Trophy Room says the Air Jordan XX3 versions it will sell next Monday are white and gold feature an "MJ" pattern taken from Michael Jordan's signature and curated by Marcus Jordan. They are also part of the "Considered" line, "which incorporated environmentally-friendly elements into their construction."

The shoes will also be individually numbered and feature the Trophy Room logo above the transparent sole.