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News; asics trainers sale - ASICS Foot ID to choose the right shoe for you

Published: Wednesday 20 July, 2016

asics trainers sale - ASICS Foot ID to choose the right shoe for you

Sports brand AISCS is offering users to get their foot analysed with ASICS Foot ID. It is a biochmechanical analysis which helps users determine the right shoe which suits their running style and improve running.

The analysis is categorised into two namely, static and dynamic. The static method works using a 3D foot scanning device equipped with 4 lasers and 8 cameras. The system enables highly accurate foot measurements and finds the right fight for the user.

The first step includes measuring shape and bone structure of the foot with the runner in standing position.air jordan sale Other measurements include foot length, ball girth, instep and arch height, the heel’s width and angle, as well as the toe angle.

A special software then processes the data and compares them with a reference foot database containing more than 5,000 individual foot data sets.

The dynamic method on the other hand combines a treadmill, a high-performance camera shooting rear views of the foot, proprietary software and specially designed testing shoes equipped with markers for accurate movement analysis.

Runners wear specially designed shoes while running on the treadmill and the camera records user’s movements."asics trainers sale" The software calculates two angles that are of critical importance for foot and lower leg biomechanics. One of them is the heel angle, as it gives a good indication of the foot’s stability during the highly dynamic heel-to-toe movement.

Based on this analysis users can try on shoes that match their pronation pattern. A correct shoe type will counter-balance over pronation or under pronation, thus helping to reduce the risk of injury and improving running efficiency.