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News; Adidas Yeezy Boost Sale - The New "OVO" Air Jordans Are Drake's Worst Sneaker Yet

Published: Friday 13 May, 2016

Adidas Yeezy Boost Sale - The New "OVO" Air Jordans Are Drake's Worst Sneaker Yet

How do you guys feel about the new “OVO” Air Jordan VI Lows? Are you guys into the OVO x Jordan collection? Is saying the majority of Air Jordan lows being trash a controversial statement? I feel like it isn’t, because I’ve always felt that way. The only Air Jordan lows that are worth rocking are 1s and XIs. The other day, Drake teased his latest sneaker with Jordan Brand. This time around they’ve decided to go with Air Jordan VI Lows, and, let me tell you, these things are as under-whelming as adidas yeezy 350 Only difference is these weren’t as hyped as the album, because we didn't know they were coming, so no major disappointments in seeing these for the first time.

VI Lows are butt in general, but with them being an OVO collab, these teases aren’t getting us in the mood to spend our money. OVO should maybe get a stripper to consult them on how to properly tease consumers into giving them their hard-earned cash, ‘cause these ain’t cuttin’ it. I wouldn't change two crisp hundred dollar bills for singles for these. This is all unfortunate because the OVO x Jumpman marriage has been a successful one, so far, whether you fucks with Drizzy or not. The "OVO" Air Jordan XIIs, the Xs, and the VIIIs (the Kentucky Blues especially) are all cleaner than these. Some have gold accents, others have different panel colors, also Egyptian owls. I would make it rain on some "OVO" Jordans if I were into Drake like that, but I personally wouldn't be caught dead in OVO gear, but that's another conversation for another day.

These particular VIs look like nurse shoes. I feel like I’m about to get my blood pressure, height, and weight logged in a cold examination room. Your uncle might rock these with cargo shorts and a Bluetooth in his ear. The only thing kinky going on is the icy nike air jordan Having his Views logo on the bottom and on the lace locks is the only personality these have and we can hardly notice them. Maybe that’s why he deleted the Instagram posts. Drake should just keep these to himself. The Stans might cop, but will the resellers? Most of the OVOs are going for $270 and up on eBay. I can’t see these going for that much. His album sold like crazy in the first week. Still, like these shoes, most of the criticism has been the album's creativity and length; it's a mix of doing too much while also doing nothing at all.