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News; Macklemore again designed Air Jordans but this time he’s keeping them for himself

Published: Friday 20 May, 2016

Macklemore again designed Air Jordans but this time he’s keeping them for himself

Macklemore’s latest offering to the Air Jordan hypebeasts of the world is not going to retail, and depending on who you ask, that may be for the best.

Stadium Goods got their hands on a pair of the dark-salmon Air Jordan Retro 6s by Macklemore and allowed Rich Lopez of Sole Collector to come through and officially unbox the kicks nike air jordan The unboxing represents the latest of a number of ventures Michael Jordan’s brand has taken with celebrities and marks Macklemore’s third go-round at designing a pair of Jordans.

Unlike the other celebrity partnerships the Air Jordan brand has established, such as Drake’s rising OVO sneaker and apparel line, Macklemore’s Retro 6s will be reserved for the 32-year-old rapper’s friends and family. The move is unusual, but then again it makes some sense here, considering that wearing the same thing as other people is apparently a “hella don’t.”

The rapper has dipped his toes into the shoe game before, starting with his first Jordan partnership pair: the Northwest King Salmon Jordan Melos. He revealed those bright shoes two years ago on Instagram,cheap nike air jordan even letting his infant son model them.

Moving closer to the recent pair of Jordan 6s, Macklemore notably produced a forest-green edition a little over a year and a half ago, with his cat, Cairo, playing the role of Instagram model that time around. Cairo, who has his own Instagram, opted not to try the shoes on.